What is Spotisquare?

Spotisquare connects Foursquare venues with Spotify playlists. It is a mobile web app that adds music to places. Point your mobile browser to m.spotisquare.com. You can just use Spotisquare to check-in on Foursquare, but it also connects Foursquare venues with Spotify playlists. When you find a venue that has a Spotify playlist, you can listen to it in Spotify, and also add your own songs to it. You can add a playlist to a venue with our connector.

Why add music to a place?

Some places just remind us of a specific song, sometimes we feel places could use a little music. The idea is to have people share what music fits a place and the people that go there. Beats to navigate the city centre, some nice ambient to go with that scenic view? Or maybe you want to share that awesome band you saw at that one club? Life needs a beat. By making collaborative playlists anyone can express their experience of a place using music.

What do I need?

You need a Foursquare account and a Spotify account. Foursquare is available internationally, but Spotify is currently only available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. For Spotify to work on your mobile phone you also need a Premium account for Spotify.

What is the mobile app?

The mobile app (m.spotisquare.com) is a Foursquare client written as a web app with the added feature of seeing Spotify playlists connected with venues. It can be used as a normal Foursquare client as well.

How do you use the mobile app?

Go to http://m.spotisquare.com from your mobile phone (works best on Android and iPhone). You login using the same information as you use when you login to Foursquare. Spotisquare might look a little bit different, but has the same functionality as the regular Foursquare apps (e.g. for Android or the iPhone). You can for example look for venues and see where your friends have checked-in in the same way. Spotisquare shows whether there's a Spotify playlist connected to a venue. If you see a Spotify icon in the list of venues, click on it and Spotify opens the playlist (you need to have Spotify installed on your phone to actually listen to the playlist).

So, how do I connect a playlist to a venue?

Go to this page. Find the venue on the Foursquare site and use the number from the URL (for e.g. https://foursquare.com/v/mobile-life-centre/4b162f4bf964a52069b723e3, the ID is 4b162f4bf964a52069b723e3. Tip: you can copy and paste the whole URL). Create (or use an existing one) a playlist in Spotify and make it collaborative. Right-click on the playlist name, and choose "Copy HTTP Link" to get the playlist URL. (e.g. http://open.spotify.com/user/nbelloni/playlist/6s1iitxb5PfgvocfLG03gi).

Boo! Why don't I see any venues with playlists?

There might not any playlists added to the venues around you yet. Come up with a couple of good songs, use Spotify to make a collaborative playlist and connect the playlist to a venue with our connector.

Why can't I connect a playlist from my phone?

In order to connect a playlist to a venue, you need to tell us the spotify URL of the playlist. Since you can't get the spotify URL from the mobile version of Spotify, there is no way for you to give that to us when using your mobile phone. Once Spotify let you get the URL of a playlist, or supply us a good API for their services, we will definitely make this work.

I have an awesome idea to make this even better!

Great! If you have any questions or comments, let us know by tweeting to @spotisquare, or by emailing to spotisquare@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you.